I haven’t blogged

With a summer schedule that seemed like an ideal time to start a blog on education related issues I have yet to blog as I had intended.

It’s fall time and I’d like to share that I have been meaning to blog and each time I remembered I would tell myself I’ll get to it “tomorrow”…

Here I am with a few highlights since I haven’t blogged. First, summer ended faster than I cared to admit, in fact it went by way too fast and here we are into the fall when Halloween is hot on every kids mind and when apples dipped in warm caramel or hot apple cider is a yummy treat. Second, I am in my third semester of a doctoral program that has been a great challenge and one that has allowed me to work in a new office on the WSU campus in Diversity Education, both opportunities have been a rewarding experience thus far. Lastly (and most recently), I accepted a leadership role for the National Indian Education Association. It is my hope to continue to promote education advocacy for American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian communities.

All this leaves me with little or no time and at this time I just want to wish you all continued success for the remaining 2 months left in 2010.


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