just what the Dr. ordered

It’s March and I haven’t posted anything since December…. unbelievable how time flies. Technically, it is my second spring semester and I’m about to finish up the second year of my doctoral program. Last month I attended the WSU College of Education Globalization conference and felt like it was exactly what the Dr. ordered. As a doctoral student it’s challenging to manage two jobs and a family. Although I’ve surrounded myself with some amazing people, both personally and professionally, I realize when talking with these incredibly talented people, I have also been trying to figure out what I want to define as my dissertation research. In that process I have heard a couple of things that had me worried until I met Dr. Sister Denise Taliaferro Baszile.

Meeting her was uncanny and important to me especially because I was at a point in my program where although I was enjoying coursework I still had no idea what I was doing. Long story short, Dr. Sister Baszile was the inspiration I needed.  Considering that I had just returned from Washington, DC for the 14th Annual National Indian Education Association Legislative Summit with a renewed interest in education policy, I still had this question or self-awareness that it wasn’t the only area of interest that I have when it comes to Indian education issues. After all I had just heard elders from the Navajo Nation speak about the lack of facilities management support related to funding and appropriations or allocations of federal dollars. I also heard testimony from clinical staff who work in behavioral health plead with Congressional representatives or their staff about the need to work with local education programs and service providers to address Native teen suicide. Basically I still had a lot of what I call ‘post national event cloud swirl’ at the Globalization conference. It’s a lot of information to digest and information that does not just go away because the event ended.

When looking back, my experience at the Globalization conference was needed to help me see all of this as interconnected… I am not here ‘just because’… I’m here because I am leading a purpose driven life. Following this blog post, I’ll begin to post a couple of thoughts I have had about what could be areas of interest for research. I like Action Base Research and will most likely use a mixed methods approach using both Qualitative and Quantitative methods. Further, I’m going to continue to explore other areas of research that includes critical race theory and feminist theory <—– (a tremendous challenge for me especially as a Native woman) and begin to develop and define my dissertation research in Cultural Studies & Social Thought.

Humbled by my ignorance because the more I have learned and read about through coursework, attending conferences, or scholarly research what it all boils down to is this… I don’t know that much at all.



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