Theft of Our Own Culture: the Dynamics of Power within Cultures

With the rise of popular media, especially among American Indian/Alaska Native/ Native Hawaiian youth, who are greatly influenced and affected by the trends in television and music I’d like to research how music influences Native youth. Personally I’m thinking dialogue for this includes how the transformative experiences can promote an understanding of how popular media provides the foundation for Native youth to see beyond what actually is and to believe in what could be.

Dialogue on the transformative experiences while working with Native youth culture from their local communities is interesting. Since the introduction of popular media on the local and regional communities, research on the hybridity of popular media through music influences Native youth in a unique cultural form and is one I’m  not sure I have read about. I believe it is one that could be further explored. In my most recent experience, I started thinking about researching how popular media influences consumerism in reservation communities where the culture of popular music exists. It would be an interesting area of research that could offer a narrative for Native youth say in a digital film and/or reflections from a paper that demonstrates the ways in which a researcher could see the influences of music on Native youth. It’s an interesting subject to me and could lead to research of how tribal identity may not have as strong of an influence or presence among American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian youth and result in research on popular media influence on the styles or forms of communication and other factors of a popular media culture such as clothing.

I’m thinking about things I observed within my reservation community and the way Native youth communicate, dress, and form relationships, especially observing the behaviors of a youth culture that is reflective of the music they are listening to. More particular hip hop culture. It’s interesting to say the least.

Categories Education, the New Indian, Tribal, Youth Culture

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