Summer is here and I’m ready to rock this season

With my last post dated in March I must share I can’t believe it’s been that long either. Now that my grueling schedule has simmered down and I’m done with the academic writing for classes I am prepared to write some thought provoking-intellectual-creative juice-flowin thoughts about a few things I believe in, one mainly being the education of Native youth. It’s serious business. With that being said, today begins the first day of summer for me. I have 3 more days before my first Native youth endeavor begins with a local tribal youth program sponsored by the tribal education department. Overall this will be fun, however if anyone knows what a week long summer youth camp is like, personally you may understand that 67 young adolescent teens hitting puberty, others beyond it, and some so over it can be one emotional roller coaster for all. I will keep a blog on the daily activities and highlight some of the youth activities so people can hear what these kids talk about. With that I’ll enclose for the night.

Categories Decolonization, Education, Family, the New Indian, Tribal, Youth Culture

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