Today I will be presenting a keynote speech to the Seattle Public Schools Indian Education programs high school graduation. While thinking about what to include in my speech I am reminded about a recent high school graduation where the keynote was not exactly what members of the community were expecting. Key word, expecting. We all have expectations when it comes to a keynote presentation. In fact, a relative who was sorely disappointed at that particular presentation made a point to say, “we all looked at each other wondering is this it?” Another commented about what the keynote had to share and was not happy at all. When I shared that I would be presenting my relatives both stated, “whatever you do, DO NOT do what that person did!” (no pressure)

I’ve been working on this presentation for a couple of weeks now and this last week’s youth leadership camp activities was a great segue. Key words used this week were expectations, leadership, responsibility, accountability, and true heart talk. I also want to share that this last week was amazing and each day we were graced with listening to youth discuss what values they shared.

In order to meet my audience’s expectations I did my homework and called up the director of the programs. Granted I may not know any of the families of the graduates what I am certain of is that what I will be sharing later on today is going to touch at least one heart, one mind, and/or one spirit. If I can do one of these three things, I know that I reached my goal and self expectation.

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1 thought on “Expectations

  1. Wow. The only graduation I was asked to speak at was a kindergarten. You’re going to do greAt!


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