update on blog post

Although I had hoped to keep a daily blog this past summer, I didn’t. A it turns out, I was working with a tribal program that informed me if I was going to share any information about the daily program activities, it would require an IRB process. For those unfamiliar with that process, when it comes to tribes, it is an approval process that is required before conducting any research. Granted I was not conducting any major research, it was a teachable moment.

I’m not quite a month into the fall semester yet this is also the third year of my program of study. Per my faculty adviser and chair, I will be developing my area of research proposal, preliminarily or qualifying exams, and finalizing my program. It’s a surreal time and I can’t believe it.

Anywho, the blog is my muse. I will update as I proceed. Hope you all had an awesome summer and are having a fantabulous fall or Indian summer.


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