Native youth and identity

In  recent conversation with a colleague we discussed what Native youth are exposed to in popular media. The conversation included unhealthy behavior patterns and popular culture. In our discussion we thought about what was helpful, it seems media has a powerful influence. Do you think reality tv shows are more effective or influential at helping youth? It seems they are more influential than we care to admit? What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Native youth and identity

  1. I’ve never personally found reality television in North America to be especially positive or helpful in any way. It’s been a while since I’ve seen much TV back home though, so perhaps it’s changed. Canadian reality TV seemed a little bit more positive than it’s American counter part, but only by so much.

    Sorry. My thoughts are a little bit negative. ^^;


    1. I don’t think your thoughts are that negative, perhaps more of an opinion. =) Thanks for sharing about the Canadian vs American comparison, that is interesting to me.


  2. Although I am not a proponent of reality TV I do believe the genre has power to influence positively. I also believe that many shows commercialize people and circumstances. TV has always been a powerful medium in reaching people, young and old. Thus I do not think it’s a reach to say reality TV, in all its manifestations, is more influential than most would care to admit.


    1. I believe that a dialogue on the transformative experiences of indigenous youth culture would interesting and could be researched more. Since the introduction of popular media on the local and regional indigenous communities (via satellite tv) research on the hybridity of popular media through musical influences on indigenous youth, it’s actually a unique cultural observation I’ve made. I also do agree with you, it has a positive influence.


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