in the spirit of the season

As I wind down from this fall semester I’m looking forward to this holiday season with my loved ones. In the spirit of this holiday season, I’m thankful for the privilege and opportunity to be in a program, but also thankful for a supportive family who has been with me along this journey.

As a pleasant distraction from that grueling paper and curriculum project I have to finish up, I have been thinking of gifts to give to my special loved ones. I typically make homemade gifts and love sharing those gifts of love because they’re sentimental.  I especially love gifting. I give gifts to those I care about with the hopes they feel the sentimental value. Over the years I’ve learned that making gifts and spending time with my loved ones is more precious to me during the holidays. Gone are the years when I wanted to be away and off on some trip with friends today, I love the little things from waking up to the smell of hotcakes, bacon, and coffee brewing in our home. I’m looking forward to when my home becomes that place where my family will experience those lovely holiday pleasantries and tradition.

I thought I’d provide a quick update on my semester status but share I’m also filled with the spirit of the season. Remembering those in need but also cherishing my family and loved ones who are near and dear to my heart. Happy holiday season

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