more posts, thoughts, and this n’ that from an Ndn gal

I’m thinking out blog here when I share that I want to post more than I ever have and to be more consistent. It was suggested with the course load that I had been taking it could be a challenge and I’m thankful to Debbie Reese for taking time to talk me through this process.

The original intent with this blog to post anything education related, however a dear friend and colleague Miranda Belarde-Lewis shared “its all education today” meaning anything and everything we do as indigenous people is “education.”

I appreciate both these women for their tenacity and goal setting, as each has found their niche in areas of research that I am unfamiliar with, but am also eager to learn from… you see in the end, it’s all relative.

I’ll do more posts, share more thoughts, if someone sees an infinite turquoise of wisdom, please share with others and spread the knowledge wealth. Any and all work we do can only help our community.

For the 2012 year, 4 the love of the People is going to evolve into a beautiful mish-mash of this and that… have a beautiful day and weekend wherever you are in Indian country.

Peace, love, and coconut flour frybread grease.

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