past or future… which is more important?

Recently a friend tweeted something that I thought was a great conversation starter.

What’s more important, the future or the past?

This question is directly related (in reference) to American Indian and Alaska Native youth.

I think this is also a poignant question to ask them… what is more important to you? The past or the future?

Clearly, as an adult, I see the youth as the future and I’m investing my time and energy in them. I believe in our Native youth and have more than hope, I have faith in them. The past, I can not speak so much about (with the exception of my own personal experience). However, my past is not their future. I want more for the Native youth I know, including my children, my nieces/nephews, and friends etc.

What do you think or believe is more important? The past or the future?

Categories Decolonization, Education, Family, the New Indian, Tribal, Tribal CRT, Youth Culture

1 thought on “past or future… which is more important?

  1. The Future – We cannot control what happened – But must accept it – The future is ours to do with as we please… Good question.


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