Native youth who believe in education Presidents Day 2012

These students know that there are problems in their community, but they also love it and are fully committed to honoring their ancestors and the future.”

Native youth who believe in education

I read this article thinking it was going to be a defensive rebuttal. However, it was not. After I read this article I felt the same hope and faith the Native youth believed in. It’s good to know there are positive influences moving throughout Indian country. Not enough Native children are exposed to this type of positivity. For those who are, god bless you and your families for making a difference.

A generation from now your work and positivity will flow through the community as it should much like the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy spoke about. Although I did not get to meet him, nor was I alive when he was elected, his legacy has lingered long enough for me to know, he left a legacy worth remembering.

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2 thoughts on “Native youth who believe in education Presidents Day 2012

  1. I love that there is a new generation of Native kids standing up for themselves. Kids on my rez made a video titled “More Than That” – – which made me so proud of them! We are raising kids to stand up and fight and it is awesome.


  2. Thank you, beautiful photos


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