With 9 more days

I have 9 more days left in this semester and I’m wrapping up the third year of my program. Granted, it’s been nutty, it hasn’t been half as nutty as the first three semesters! What an incredible educational journey this has been. Can I just say, I have been on one eye-opening, mind challenging, and helluva spiritual awakening. The work I have completed thus far is nothing compared to what my ancestors physically endured so that I may have this opportunity. Some lost their lives and were forced to endure physical, mental, and spiritual shake downs as they transitioned into a new way of life. The strength they had was founded on a need to resist and fight to the end. Today, I know I am here because of them.

With 9 more days left in the semester, I’m going to work harder to finish strong. With 9 more days left to hoot and holler about the 2011-12 school year, I’m also going listen to what the winds have to say. I will sing my song as loud as I can so that it will be carried into the universe with the hope, faith, and belief that whoever hears it will continue to fight the good fight. With 9 more days left to rant, rave, and represent, I’m also going to dance as hard as I can at the Gatherings.

After all, I will sing my song so that my ancestors will know I listened to the winds and heard their songs that were also carried by the winds.

Yox’ kalo~

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