just a few of my favorite songs…

One of the greatest moments in my life was when I discovered music. Music has always been there for me and throughout my life, there have been songs that have been more than inspiration, but that juju I needed to keep going even when I didn’t feel like it. I wanted to share with my readers a few songs that help me get my day started, but also on those days when I have had more than enough and just need that bit of R & R. Music for that early morning time when I enjoy a beautiful cup of tea to that quiet evening during my free weekends. Between family life, work, school, research, goals (both personal and professional) there are moments when music is just what the doctor ordered and beautiful memories flood my day. Don’t get it twisted, I also have those not so good days and those songs exist too, but these are that good stuff that just get me.

While it’s true that most of the music I listen to is of a particular genre, in all honestly, I like it all. My best friends know I’m not much into the popular or “new” music of today, especially today’s hip hop. I find it mindless and ignorant sometimes, yet at the same time, there are some songs that I listen to just so I can “get away.” With the dense research I am embarking on, I have required reading such as The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research  and Becoming Qualitative Researchers An Introduction. As my third year has come to an end (and I begin my fourth year) the required reading is dense, much of the music that helps me to decompress, although popular culture does not celebrate with non Indigenous values, perhaps even unrelated and contradicting to the Indigenous movement, music is something that helps get me focused.  Granted some of the music can also focus on the wrong things and there are tunes out there that are just plain funky and filled with a beat I can’t help but wanna start jammin. While taking that into consideration, I’m also careful about the messages I am hearing in the music and think not all of it is real. Being mindful that music can perpetuate materialism, oppression, racism, political adversity, capitalism, sexism, gender bashing, and hate, I am aware I need to check myself from time to time. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my eclectic musical anthology as much as I do.

This is one of my all time favorites… when I wake up and get my day off to a beautiful start filled with love

this is one of those songs that gives me that extra boost of “I got this” on my trek across campus I really do sing… “oooohhhhoooohhhhhoooohhhhhooohhhh”

another song and can’t nobody break my stride.

because living la vida loca is that wild and crazy life

this is another song that boogie oogie heart rate moving song

this upbeat and childhood song reminds me of being in the 4th grade when I declared I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up… I actually denied “education” as a major. Seriously, I believed education was a soft discipline. Today, it’s proven to be one of the hardest, especially because I have a required stats course to pass to graduate while other disciplines don’t… *mad pants*

this reminds me of driving out to my great grandma’s hogan in Lupton, AZ with my sister’s Pearl and Michelle (who was in high school) today Michelle is one of the most generous and helpful sisters… little did we know we’d all become closer as mothers of our own children

although I didn’t find David Lee Roth sexy, I understood he was going for the sexy look with the tossing of his hair thing… however I found Eddie Van Halen hot and cool with his guitar solos… this is one of those get me going songs

and then there is my love and light, Madonna… this song reminds me of where I’ve come from and how hard it was to make that leap of faith… I took that leap of faith 4 years ago and here I am, going into my fourth year of my program

although Madonna called her “reductive” I disagree. When this song and video came out I had many a sleepless night writing and rewriting my project papers… I have married the night all that was missing are those hot sexy LouBoutin heels.

On those days when being a single mama is more than enough… brother Raheem can sang and gives me that strong, loving with his words…

another reminder of where I’ve come from… I’ve made some better choices and today I believe I am my own best friend

to the city of angels where I was born… much love to the HP, bacon wrapped hot dogs, baja tacos, beach cruisers, Vans, board shorts, and flip flops… SoCal and Lakers have my heart

on my road to freedom this song comes to mind each time…f*** how it was, this is how it is

man these guys are just dope, not only are they from Seattle, they’re Down For the Brown and dopeness all around. Geo from the 808 and Sabz from NYC… deadly combo that make conscious hip hop beats… I’m broke, but not broken

Good people, good loving, good music in my life makes me happy…

when me and Anthony decide to settle down and marry, I hope he serenades me Hey ohhhh

This musical anthology would not be complete without some good ol classic country… after all, my aunt who helped raise me and my step dad listened to country, in fact they still do, but their influences have stuck with me… going back to the basics of love

my Aunty Mama would say, “turn it up” when Tammy Wynette came on the radio

shi’zheei used to sing this when we went to dinner on pay days at the Steakhouse where he ordered the same 10 oz steak with a baked potato and salad with ranch dressing…

last song and I’m outsky… this guy in his denim jacket made a few hits

These songs are just a few of my favorite songs, music was my first love and over the years there are many other hits and beats that have touched my life in some way. While I also have some ceremonial songs that also help keep me focused, those I keep for my heart and sing for strength. Peace and play that funky music.

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