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In preparation for the next school year I have two books that I charted as “must reads” for the summer. Plus a third that is due for a review (as if I don’t have anything else to do). Of all my favorite things to do, I find reading a helpful tool for greasing my noggin and for ah’hah inspiration moments.

I have found Linda Tuhiwai Smith Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples a good read, I especially found Colonizing Knowledges a good chapter on the authenticity of research and social theory comparisons in relation to Indigenous people. Another highlight from this book, she quotes “indigenous” and doesn’t capitalize it, nor does she prefer its use. Smith doesn’t even use Maori, and uses their tribal name because in New Zealand, Maori is not a true representation of who they are… these truth bombs are going off and I absolutely love it!

The other book, I’ll Go and Do More Annie Dodge Wauneka Navajo Leader and Activist by Carolyn Neithammer (which was selected by my reading group) I look forward to reading! Although I haven’t started it, I look forward to doing a cross-comparison of the recent Water Rights resistance that happened and see if there are some common themes that were present back when she was active in Navajoland.

These are just a couple of books for leisure reading… what are you reading and/or what’s on your list of “must read” books?

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