Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a living legend and one of my favorite public figures who made world history. As a child who lived a sheltered life, I had no clues about who he was and after I read his biography I held a deeper respect and admiration for this man.

Not to say I didn’t have that before, but his personal story and disposition throughout his early years as a revolutionary was impressionable on me. For a man who led by any means necessary to fight apartheid, he showed no fear and like a true warrior that he was raised to be, he lived according to his tribal codes and laws, even while living away from his village.
There is something akin to what we as Indigenius people feel deep inside when out and about in society after reading about how he endured solitary confinement and months of isolation. He is definitely strong with his creator in my opinion.


This is one of my favorite photos of him. At 94 years old, Mandela looks like he is still ready to #DoWork! God bless you


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  1. Do Work!


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