Think Indian


Whoever came up with this idea was on point. We should always Think Indian first and remember those who came before us. After all, some of them paved the way. Some died fighting. Others inspire us. “Think Indian” when it comes to voting tomorrow… Google each candidates name and add Native American or American Indian to their names and read what their platforms are to make an informed decision. Google has some pretty cool info, but so does a voters pamphlet. Read up on candidates and see what Thinking Indian will bring you to do…
With that being said… Think Indian!

Categories Indigenous, Natives, the New Indian, Tribal

2 thoughts on “Think Indian

  1. Thanks, Renee, this is an American Indian College Fund button from theThink Indian campaign. It is intended to do exactly what you are sharing, vote and Think Indian.


    1. I got this at the AICF booth and was thinking whenever the concept was created its picked up. I remember Rick sharing it back in 2009 at a conference. It’s picking up momentum and I love it! 🙂


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