to write is to pray

For me, writing includes the discovery of ones heart and mind and found in a single note or lyric in a song. Often time it creates an opening, a doorway (if you will) into the world of the unspoken-often-felt-world. On that same note, reading does the same. Words written on paper invokes emotions in me that pump my brain with bloody thoughts of what to say, what to do, and that spiritually grounded how to be. In that process, I see what I need to do, but also where I want to go.

As a goal oriented person who is determined to follow the dreams of my dad Robert, I have come to learn, as one of my sisters from the Last Real Indians shared, a mantra of sorts as an aspiring activist scholar. I realize, while on this journey, I have my work cut out for me while in a doctoral program. Not only that, I have come to learn that with writing comes the critique. To be critiqued in a peer review, but also to write critically asking questions for the sake of clarification. All the while, knowing that a critique of what I believe is my best work, in my colleagues view, it is more like a work-in-progress. These learned experiences are a part of developing my writing and requires a bit more work and wisdom. Often times sleep deprived, nonetheless, ever so diligent, I carry on.

As I close out the Fall semester of 2012, I want to share that mantra… I truly do believe, “To write is to pray.” Yox~

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2 thoughts on “to write is to pray

  1. Cool words. Writings and reading…stories are a huge part of who we are, I think.


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