the plight of Indigenous people

In a recent discussion with a colleague about decolonization and the difficulty for the Indigenous community in seeing decolonization fulfilled, a thought-provoking question occurred to me.

How many people would decolonize if money was involved? Sadly it is a reality Indigenous people know all too well, unless one comes from privilege, we are an impoverished community when it comes to capitalism. Ironically, today, it just so happens natural resources are located on our homelands that big oil money wants. With big oil money waving that pretty frogskin, how many chiefs, tribal leaders, and executives see the dollar signs first?

Conceptual, but again, like I said, thought-provoking. What people do for money. I’m thinking, we could reclaim our languages, continue to teach our children using culturally relevant curriculum, and rebuild sustainable communities. Interesting how money can be a gatekeeper… in a capitalist society. But then again, aren’t the Conservative’s claiming Obama is a Socialist?

Anyway, just a conceptual random blog thought out loud. Carry on.

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