the Indigenous resurgence

Post Christmas and end of the 2012 year blog thoughts out loud. Regarding the recent Idle No More I can’t help but think this time in Indigenous history is the beginning of an Indigenous resurgence. While there are technical aspects to what everyday acts of Indigenous resurgence entail, over all, I believe it is the beginning of returning to ancestral ways of knowing. Essentially it is also Indigenous knowledge systems versus western ways of knowing.
To me, an Indigenous resurgence is more than picking up a hand drum and singing at a round dance. It is also creating the time to learning your Indigenous language. To me it’s more than going out hunting, fishing, or gathering, it’s about living in a world that does not celebrate anything Indigenous and practicing a way of life that our ancestors did DESPITE the oppressive nature of a colonized society. To me it is as simple as crossing over into a zone that reads “No Trespessing” within my treaty territory. It is as simple as calling up an elder and paying a visit in order to hear a story about an ancestor who lived through a war, famine, and relocation and yet continues to sing songs from over a hundred years ago.
In closing, I know that everyday, we as Indigenous people have an opportunity to live and begin practicing an Indigenous resurgence. With Idle No More fast on Indigenous people’s minds, my hope is that people will also see its value as a call to action to go back to our ancestral ways of knowing, because our old people knew.

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