I am woman

I am woman.

Inspired by love for my People and Waylon Jennings, I wrote this while thinking about how violence against women in the many shapes and forms of abuse that exist are acts of hate and misogyny. It’s impossible to forget or ignore the value of a woman’s worth. Every breath you breathe, every word you speak, every breeze you feel, she is all that and then some, a woman is the essence of life.

Although one may choose to forget a woman’s worth or in some apathetic act look the other way when a woman is being subjected to violence, a woman is a beautiful blessing. Daughters of Mother earth and Father Sky, women are humans brought into this world to be loved just as a son, nurtured, cared for, protected, but also honored. Within Indigenous cultures of the world, both men AND women are worthy of respect and honor, yet no love is as precious as that of a girl. Inside every courageous, strong, “independent”, diva woman is a girl, a woman-child.

As a parent, we are protectors of our children. Remember, that woman who was/is raped, abused, and hated is someones daughter, someone’s little girl. Woman IS deserving of love, respect, honor, after all woman give’s life. A woman births nations and she is the mother of the men who grow into warriors who will protect our Nations. Despite colonialism, she continues to nurture her children and protects them at all costs, she fights, she lives.

As I enclose and having dealt with my share of abuse, whether it was a dysfunctional spouse, emotionally abusive partner, misogynist relative, hateful neighbor, or the angry white settler living on my ancestral lands, I am a woman, precious, blessed, kind, and generous with my love and time.

To all the courageous women out there who’ve weathered the violent storms of abuse and dysfunction, this is for you. To the confident men who love the strong, courageous women, you are loved, respected, honored, and cherished for standing up and speaking against the abuse and dysfunctions of violence against women. It’s a travesty when any man devalues a woman, regardless of race or creed, no woman should ever fear for her life, yet sadly, it is a reality that exists.

As an Indigenous woman, I want to say Thank you to our men, but also, thank you to all men regardless of race or creed who honor women. Thanks be to the universe for keeping hope alive and to the women who raise sons to be men that honor this sacred role of “woman” those men who continue in their roles of protecting women, you are blessed.

I am the womb that you left,
I am the pride that you kept,
I am the innocence that you left back in your youth,
I am the poetry that you read,
I am the mouth that you feed,
I am the truth,
I am the light,
I am the woman of your dreams who visits in the night.
I am woman.

Adzhaan in’shli, yadil’iihi shi’tah, na’hazhaan bi’kah shi’mah.

I am the mother of youth,
I am the love you once knew,
I am bad luck and good,
I am all that I should be,
can you see the reasons why I am woman?

I am conscious,
I am Love,
I am Indigenous,
I am Nimiipuu
I am Dine
I am Lenape
I am Russian Jewish
I am a smathering of this and that, but most of all
I am woman.

I live,
I breathe,
I love.

I feel,
I cry,
I hurt.

I laugh,
I smile,
I am woman.

Come and love me so that I can be a woman to you.

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1 thought on “I am woman

  1. Thank you for this profoundly moving post. Having just returned from South Asia, where gender violence seems to be on the rise and women are demanding to be heard and cared for, I now believe the issues you write about are pervasive in much of the world. How do we create a world where women, people of First Nations, elders, children, and the planet are held dear? This seems to be an ongoing task.


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