Indigenous resurgence

Today was an extraordinary day. With a wealth of knowledge shared I felt like a blog thoughts out loud.

As my day ended with a pretty awesome run slash hike that was more than a sweaty workout, I felt like I ingested a wealth of information that needs to be channeled. Granted I did everything but yell like Ron Burgundy, oh and no I didn’t yack my dinner of bannock and salmon out, in fact, I had a reflective time on what Indigenous leadership means to me.

I must share the run started out purely for exercise and health, but by the time I sweated out the carbs and tea, I felt a deeper understanding of “leadership” as an Indigenous woman. My initial thoughts and feelings have changed on this subject and I feel like this is an ongoing developing subject.

As I work through this process I am also rethinking what courage means in the realm of leadership ESPECIALLY after today. I heard “leaders” share their ideas which got my mind reeling. As I watched three of the coolest people I know blaze up the hill like it was no thing, it occurred to me, we all have our own journeys and ideas about being a “leader.”

I witnessed several types of leadership that encouraged me. It’s true sometimes “standing up to your own relatives” when you disagree with them is courage. But others times its taking the lead in guiding a group or individual into the right direction for the collective whole. Other instances it is just standing up and speaking on behalf of a community to non Native people.

As I flesh this out more, I couldn’t help but think exercise truly is a way to digress from a long day. It’s a great way to reflect, but also an outlet to help sort through ideas, thoughts, emotions, questions, doubts.

Trust me, I’m ending this day with a deeper understanding of something I had nothing short of a conceptual framework to process with.

I reflected on what some people have critiqued me on and looked within introspectively. I’m standing my ground and more than certain, any critique or misguided anger and frustration I have encountered recently is rolling off of me like water today.

Respect, understanding, peace, contention, leadership, decolonization… These words are in my vernacular, but the word that resonated with me today the most… Resurgence. An Indigenous resurgence to be exact.

Long story short, I can’t wait to go back and learn more. Thankful and grateful for this experience.

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