the ugly R word

It happens more often than some of us may care to admit. Whether in the confines and safety of our homes or out in public, racial slurs exist. I’ve been a recipient and had my fare share of names slurred at me for marrying a person with a white father and an ex whose father is black.

As far as I know, my children have not been subjected to the racism as I have been. Considering that I’m an Indigenous women, I’ve experienced racial prejudiced from white people AND members of my own community, yes, that includes my family. I’ve grown some thick skin and learned it’s best to be grown and rise above the situations rather than react. I used to get hurt by it but having been subjected to others racist attitudes and beliefs I would rather teach my children awareness than apathy.

I took some time recently to talk to my teen daughter and adolescent son about racism (before Paula Deen and after Accidental Racist). Interestingly enough they both told me they watch the Boondocks and felt they understood…. Errrrr… Okay. So yeah, I thought about the Boondocks and took some time to see what this show is all about. I dig some of it and don’t mind if I do have a seat when they’re watchin an episode (or two). My blog thoughts out loud on this subject… racism sucks. It exists, so how do we as a community tolerate the racial reality?

I’ve talk about instances and critique TV shows with my kids and we also discuss local events and activities. I initiate convo’s about issues of race because they have grandparents who are clearly not Native. I believe it’s important to have these conversations because I want them to understand when and if they encounter or experience racist people, I’d like my kids to have a deep understanding of this societal issue.

As it is, we live in a pretty white region. It’s very possible we will run into a bigoted jerk being that our Rez is located in the heart of one of the most REDnecked states. We have some pretty stereotypical white racist bigots who don’t discriminate when it comes to being non-white and we have the other kind of bigots who will stare, snicker, and are terrible service providers. It’s been quite the experience to encounter and I find the national attitudes towards race are not really any different.

My blog thoughts out loud is really just a question… how the oink did society get this screwed?

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