Support healthy lifestyle but not more taxes

Loved this post, touches on key points of low income on /near reservations economies.

Professional Journal of Marley Shebala

Talking about increasing Taxes at local level probably started when opened door to Delegate Witherspoon’s legislation to increase tax for scholarships.
Perhaps this is time to have discussions on Tax Reform.
I don’t think this legislation is timely so ask to vote down.

i support ur effort to address health of pple but I don’t believe taxing pple is not solution.
Average income on rez is $16,000 a year
We shud be creating jobs. I bet u all shop off rez. Many of us shop at mom and pop stores.
I cannot support. It’s not right. Asked pple dig into pockets less than six months ago.
And we sent back $64 million in federal money and some diabetes money. That is what we shud address.
The reality is that our pple pawn their jewelry to buy food.
Let’s vote down and explore other solutions.

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