CFP: Indigenous Art, Aesthetics & Decolonial Struggle

Submissions for this 12/6/13 scholars/artists… collaborations to decolonize indigenous art? It looks like a great op… thoughts?


[June 13, 2013] Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society invites submissions from scholars, artists, and activists for a new issue of the journal exploring Indigenous art, aesthetics, and decolonizing struggle, guest edited by Jarrett Martineau (University of Victoria, Cree/Dene), in conjunction with the Editors of Decolonization.

This issue invites us to consider the role of cultural production in decolonization, and to rethink Indigenous and decolonial art and aesthetics as creative action nurtured by community and closely connected to the decolonization of self, society, and land. The issue will explore and challenge colonial conceptions of art and power, and ‘ground’ decolonial aesthetics and creative praxis in both the physical lands and imaginative spaces of continued Indigenous presence.

As always, we are interested in papers that connect theoretical discussions with active decolonization work by engaging the intersections of theory, art and practice. We encourage submissions that draw from personal, experiential, and subjective…

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