Problems of Fukushima for Indigenous nations

When I read this last night I couldn’t help but ask, why aren’t we as Indigenous communities talking about this? For those Indigenous nations who eat salmon as a staple part our diet… our home communities need to be informed of how salmon will be affected negatively by the Fukushima disaster.

Personally, I am thinking about our upcoming memorial for the one who has left us. That does not even include the name givings, roots feasts, first salmon runs of our next harvest, birthdays, funerals, and any and ALL community dinners my home community in Nimiipuu territory will be having where salmon is one of our main first foods to be served.

It’s disheartening to know that we are not taking time to look at this more in-depth and use environmental research to decide how this will indeed affect the health and future of our, Indigenous diets, but more than that the future of our livelihood as Indigenous nations.

Please read this and post any comments you may have, or just think about what this means not only for Indigenous people, but think of the humans in the Pacific Northwest region and the Problems of Fukushima.

Are we going to ignore this?


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2 thoughts on “Problems of Fukushima for Indigenous nations

  1. I agree with you. You are right. We all need to be concerned and aware in North America. Especially about fish and dairy products.


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