kii’wes iinim Ele

kii'west iinim Ele

This is my grandmother, Cora Ellenwood-Holt, so many times I’d hear from relatives that I looked like my grandma. For years, before I saw pictures of my granny when she was younger, I would wonder, how could I look like my grandma? Of course, I was only thinking of her in her elder years. Today, when I see her photos, I cherish all the memories I have of her in my heart and know exactly what my family meant. I love and miss you dearly Ele, so thankful for everything you taught me. RIP.

Just thinking, we would be celebrating her birthday coming soon, as Scorpio season is in full swing, my Ele was stone cold straight Scorpio. With her birthday coming up, she shared it with my niece, her great-grand-daughter Alyssa Eileen Holt, very special day coming up. Missing you

Always and yours truly, Li’ken’yut

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