Keeping it simple


Exactly one week ago today I was here, home, on ancestral homelands and I took a photo in the last blog thoughts.

At the moment, it’s covered with a frozen blanket of snow and more snow is falling. Winter dance done, Indian New Year right around the corner, blessings sent AND received, this has indeed been a beautiful year.

Today’s blog thoughts out loud, in light of Indigenous resistance, is short and sweet… remembering the ancestors.

We have so much to be grateful for… the lives they lived so that we could be here today, the prayers they said, and the people they were. As they watch over us, sometimes the only prayer we need to say is Thank You.

Wishing readers, wherever you are a beautiful day, a blessed season, and cheers to new beginnings, and always… remember the ancestors in all that you do. After all… they do watch over us and you are an answer to your ancestors prayer.

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1 thought on “Keeping it simple

  1. Simple yet very beautiful!


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