Still waters run deep


Beautiful morning thoughts as I embrace my life and everything that entails as a mother, aunty, doctoral student, partner, friend, comrade, sister, daughter, and child of god, this is after all my last semester of coursework.

Although I am not completely cleared of my responsibility as grades will be posted at the end of this week, my goal was and is to finish strong. Simple right?

Well, in an era where social media, pop culture, and instant gratification is common, it’s easy to become disconnected from reality. With my head up in the clouds, filled with random and not so random musings, I realize that I allowed my life to become consumed. Self discipline and behavior aside, it’s important to be grounded.

I see the very things I detest and allowed them into my life. The realization has been a bit ugly come to think of it. Humbled by my own doings, I discovered the most amazing truth standing right before me. As a way of being, living, or existing in this era, I realize and learned it’s imperative to slow things down and get grounded.

Reminded to stop, stand before the water, and listen, I found my grounding. During one of the most auspicious times in my life, where I least imagined, the dust has settled.

This week, I will be finishing up classes and confirming details for the spring semester. As a responsible individual, I own up to my humanness and understand I’ve got work to do. While I was bucked off, my intention is to get back up in the saddle.

Cleansing my thoughts, I have bathed in the deep waters of love. I am learning its real easy to lose touch with reality and get caught up in all the hype out there. I admit, I am human. I allowed “things” to consume me.

Love includes that for myself (personal life), family life (kids, nieces/nephews I tend to), work (which provides for our home), education (which I have been privileged to), and to my home community (and the larger extended communities). It’s important to be grounded so as not to lose that which we love with such frivolity.

After cleansing and collecting my thoughts, I am ever thankful and grateful. Blessed beyond measure, I have a lot to lose and will do what it takes to protect and keep that which is dear to me and show them.

While I’ve managed to create a circle of amazing people, both in personal and professional life, I realize being grounded is necessary. To my dearest, friends and comrades, I left for a hot minute and see the glam for what it is, ugly in consumerism and wrought with empty notions of reality. I am back and ready to dream a better dream.

In my best Indigenista fashion, have one heckuva kick ass week… and In solidarity, I remain.

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