For the love of family and the game

As the Gregorian New Year has begun, so have the stories and dances of our ancestors.

Songs, dances, and stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next make their way into universe but also the lives of young and old as they have for thousands of years.

While there are lessons and morals to the stories that are told, it’s the family time and relationships that are being created and a practice of an age old cultural activity.

The depth and breath of this annual occurrence, in my opinion is as big than the BCS Championship game or the NFL playoffs for some which are also annual events that occur in the winter. We come together for ceremony and are entertained by sports today. How much more beautiful can this get?

After a beautiful weekend spent with family I thought I’d blog thoughts out loud about the one thing Native people value and love the most… family time. The relationships we have built over our lifetimes with those near and dear to our hearts, family is our lifeline. We recharge, reconnect, and realize how invaluable any time spent with those we love grows deeper with each year.

While I’m not really fanatical about football as some of my family are, I thoroughly enjoy the family time. Team rivals, teasing, jokes, food, laughter, music, references, digs, all of that is played out during a family event that includes a national franchise sports playoff.

Personally, I remember some of my birthdays celebrated during which my dad had the NFL teams decorated on my cake because my birthday just so happened to be on Super Bowl Sunday. When I think back to that… I’m seriously giving my dad side eye now… Yes, he went there.

I can also chuckle about it because my dad was such a sports fan I can’t even deny my love for the NBA began with him and watching games. TBS and TNT aired the games and we even got to see the Lakers play and to this day besides Kareem, my legendary Laker fave, James Worthy. Magic was keen, but I also appreciated Kurt Rambis, and well Shaq and Kobe did some pretty good things too.

However behind all that, I gotta share Pat Riley and Phil Zen Master Jackson impressed my young mind for leading the Lakers to the Championships and not just once either. Those men led their team and did it well.

Despite my dads sports influence I gotta share, I don’t recall having any football faves with the exception my dads poster of a Dallas Cowboy player?? I think it’s safe to say I’m not so much a football fan as I am for basketball. *Note to self I need to call him to ask who that was…

But I digress. My blog thoughts out loud is really just to share my appreciation and love for sports playoffs because it does bring families together, plus it also helps us to connect with one another to celebrate what it means to have friendships and family.

I watched Sherman post game and thought “Meh” wasn’t particularly down with the ego energy and prefer more humility but that’s just me. After reading news and blog posts about the white perspective I realized the post game reviews went further than I even imagined it would go.

I wasn’t even thinking of the white perspective, just some humility. I believe stay humble move forward, say nothing.

In any event, listening and watching my aunties (the matriarchs of our family) laugh, scream, yell, and dance around was the best memory. Besides the bonus pawn shop find (beaded Seahawks medallion) I believe family time was the best part of watching this years playoffs.

Just thought I’d share the fun and happiness my family experienced but even more than that the love. I look forward to hosting play off games in my home with food, family, laughter, etc… All of that to make memories and enjoy the fun.

As the NFL season slowly comes to a close, the Final Four season picks up and I will get my bracket filled. Simultaneously spring season baseball kicks in and those lovely boys of summer begin their seasonal rounds and the NBA playoffs begin.

You see, I was the prodigy son my dad never had… Tom boy and all it was sports that taught me understand team work, but more than that family time.

With that I’ll enclose and hope you all enjoyed the game and may the best team win.

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