Online trolls and Cyber Rez

In the last couple months I’ve encountered a few things I’ve chosen to ignore and certain behavior… the reoccurring provocateur who likes to stir things up.

Now I like to settle anything with a good conservation, however as I’ve come to learn with the online cyber world, communication with individuals who hide behind the green curtain aka social media wall can refuse to talk.

I’ve arrived at the place in my life where I know who my friends are both in personal and professional life. Solid friendships and relationships built on trust and time did not just happen. Any work I do for my home community I choose not to tweet about, they know about what I do.

While out and about in Indian country there are many people who find inspiration in people, places, things, and one things remains true we come from families and a community. The families AND communities we come from speak to knowing who we are and acknowledge us EVEN if we are not that stellar or mediocre.
Point being… Community speaks on who is who.

When the thought of a cyber Rez came across my radar this morning I immediately wanted to blog thoughts out loud over people who like to stir things up, provocateurs? Gossips? Mud slingers?

My understanding, the balance and respect that is necessary is void in their lives. It annoys me beyond grief but more so when my name rolls out their mouth. Ain’t no future in your frontin and I got your number.

I realize and am aware I’m perpetuating with my aggression lateral violence. I’m passed the point of no return. I don’t want to be nice to provocateurs or gossiping fools who speak with a forked tongue having never met me nor have they had the privilege of spending time talking with me.

I actually have a life. I turn my phone off, work my ass off because I have papers to write for faculty advisors that have expectations of me. Meanwhile trolls sit online reading through my interactions obsessively making things up based on their misconstrued reality.

Listen here *Uncle Si voice* You don’t know Jack and that’s a fact!

Get off line and create a life of real friends that have a physical presence. Seriously, it annoys me when people talk a gang of crap behind the cyber wall. They remind me of the Wizard of Oz… He was just a little man after all.

Offensive behavior annoys and irks me. Seriously, I deleted my tweets earlier and realize I allowed idiotic behavior get to me and I’m going to brush this one off.

Is this passive aggressive of me? No, this is aggressive. Is that healthy? Yes AND No. Apparently I’m human like the rest of us. In my imperfection I am exhibiting human behavior.

Whatever it is… Read this, write it down, take a picture… I’m very aware of your behavior. Your behavior reeks and rolls off me like water off a ducks back.

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