Rez Controversies, Histories and Realities.

It’s love that will save us. Not the romanticized hippy type of love. It’s the ruthless, fierce love that is in natural law. Love saving us doesn’t mean complying or compromise. Colby Tootoosis


I hate talking about myself… but in my current circumstances it’s required to get some points across… some things must be said for clarity. Maybe it’s my ego that’s attempting to have influence on how others perceive me since having a political role in my community. Either way I feel these points will do justice for some people out in the front lines who might be in similar situations. Or maybe there are some young people who want to get active in their community to make a difference, make a change. Hopefully my experience will give others a moral boost (like what I need through this blog) who are also struggling in the confines of systemic roles.

councillor: “I think this needs to go to the people, this needs to go to the people”
chief: “no i disagree with you colby, we are elected officials and we can
make this…

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