A Facade of Hopelessness: Liberation, Truth and Bullshit

“Fuck Indian Affairs” 👍💃❤️


I spoke to some young people today. “Lot’s of people know what’s going on Colby – many are afraid to speak up because they might not get the help they need from the band office”.

That’s the problem. So many people know what’s going on in their communities yet many allow the patterns and cycles to continue. At the end of the day, what is ultimately important to people is how they feed themselves. As my friend and relative I grew up with, Preston Baptiste aka “Taco” put it; “We’ve been oppressed for so long that we’ve gotten used to it, but we’re talking to the young people trying to change that”. And we are, young people are noticing and watching what is unfolding.

The reality is people support each other in a group of immorality because the need of love and belonging is met – hence why it can…

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