Moving closer to the center

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged thoughts out loud and recently found some inspiration. While I have academic writing to complete I often find myself thinking of issues or events I have an opinion of yet am unable to create time to blog. In the late I’ve been thinking back in retrospect.

When I created this blog, it was initially going to be about education related issues. And when I started my program I was a member of a board of directors on Indian education and headed towards the direction of policy and legislative advocacy.

As it turns out, applying and being accepted into a program was a life altering decision. Going back to school for an advanced degree, I had no idea what to anticipate or expect. From the application, to writing a letter of intent, financial aid, housing, childcare, health care, lifestyle… you name it, it’s been a roller coaster ride.

While on this educational journey, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. International, national, regional, and locally people have shown me the many different ways to see the world.

As an Indigenous woman, one of the few things I get to experience is the privilege of meeting other Indigenous scholars in the higher education process. When I do happen to meet other Indigenous scholars, its always a refreshing experience and what I suppose could qualify as what my dear friends and I call a run in with a unicorn. It’s rare.

I’ve learned that the journey is long and varies with the individual. No one journey is exactly the same even if the phases and program expectations are similar. How one gets to the end goal is unique as the research the individual embarks on for their dissertation.

While I work through the next phase not only am I excited for this journey, I am also looking up to those who have trekked on this journey as well. Recently I received my Prelim or Qualifying Exams questions. It’s been one of the highlights for me at this point especially after completing all required coursework. Upon successfully completing this phase I can begin writing my dissertation.

Although I hadn’t really planned on blogging about my formal education journey, posts on here have varied. Some have been personal while others have been professional or academically related. As previously mentioned, when I started this blog, I created it as an education related blog. Since then I’ve been through a several experiences that deemed blog worthy in my opinion.

This blog has become a place to write out my “Blog thoughts out loud” as I trek through the doctoral journey. While friends and acquaintances have asked the same questions “what will you do?” or “what do you want to do?” I can honestly share I have some idea of what I would like to do, however, because I’m superstitious, I don’t always like sharing what I plan to do and if I do, even that is shared only with my closest friends and family.

I can share that I will continue to work with my home community as I have but also plan to travel a little bit more. Make new friends, maintain old friendships and in the larger scheme of things, I personally believe in quality over quantity. Regardless of what that may be, quality is so much more important to me.

As I blog, I hope this post finds you all well and in good spirits. I look forward to sharing successfully completing this phase of my program and moving onto the next one.

Enclosing I would also like to share a quote from Dr. John Tippeconic (Comanche/Cherokee) as an encouragement to any Indigenous women out there who may be contemplating graduate school When one graduates, we all graduate. Yox kalo.

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