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Two women stand out in my mind right at the moment. Debbie Reese who I sought counsel with when I wanted to start this blog, and on occasion, when I need sage advice, has been a tether. Much appreciation.

Another great, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn who I had the honor of meeting while in grad school and going through a divorce. At that time she encouraged me with her words in addition to scholarly advice to pursue a doctorate degree. Her encouragement to keep going and while doing so, “ to always remain with your people no matter where you go”. To this day, I have never forgotten her words nor the feelings that were invoked in me that day. Suffice to say, I chose a career path that was a bit of a detour. I was eventually led back to the education discipline that I was in such denial of, truth be told, denial is that hammajang!

Without further a due… Here is my #Indigenous quote of the day courtesy of inspiration from Debbie Reese via Elizabeth Cook-Lynn.

Native populations in America are not “ethnic” populations; they are not “minority” populations, neither immigrant nor tourist, nor “people of color.” They are the indigenous peoples of this continent. They are landlords, with very special political and cultural status in the realm of American identity and citizenship. Since 1924, they have possessed dual citizenship, tribal and U.S., and are the only population that has not been required to deny their previous national citizenship in order to possess U.S. citizenship. They are known and documented as citizens by their tribal nations.”

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