EZLN Governs 250,000 Indigenous Mexicans

“Did you hear that? It’s the sound of your world collapsing. It’s the sound of ours resurging. The day that was day, was night. And night will be the day that will be the day”

Resistance Is Fertile

Over the course of twenty years, the Zapatista insurgents have founded schools, hospitals, coffee exporting cooperatives, and even banks. Their model has also inspired the growth of community police forces, forest guards, and resistance movements around Mexico. However, they still have work to do in terms of justice and openness to the world.

Morelia Caracol, Chiapas – In the wooded heart of Chiapas, the highest authority in the Zapatista region (or Caracol) of Morelia meets to discover the motives of our visit and decide whether we can enter or not. Known as the Committee of Good Government (Junta de Buen Gobierno – JBG), the group is made up of three young women, two older women, and three men – none of whom receive a salary.

Dressed largely in traditional indigenous clothing, they all write down our names in their notebooks. Unlike the majority of images seen of the…

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