listening to an obvious song

Obvious Song

I chose the shade of this tree

to rest from all I will do

while I am waiting for you.

One who waits and only waits

lives out a time of waiting in vain.

Therefore, while I wait for you,

I will work the fields, and
I will talk to the people.

My body burned by the sun,

I will drench it in sweat;

my hand will become calloused hands,

my feet will learn the mystery of the paths,

my ears will hear more,

my eyes will see what they did not see before,

while I am waiting for you.

I won’t await you only waiting,

for my waiting time is

a what-to-do time.

I will distrust those who shall come to tell me,

in whispers and cautiously,

“it is dangerous to act,”

“it is dangerous to speak,”

“it is dangerous to walk,”

“it is dangerous to wait, in the way you wait,”

for those ones refuse the joy of your coming.

I will distrust those too who shall come to tell me,

with easy words, that you have come,

for those ones, as they naively herald you,

will first betray you.

I will be preparing your arrival

as a gardener tends to the garden

for the rose shall come in the spring.

Paulo Freire

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