The thing about missing someone

The thing about missing someone isn’t so much about the sudden lack of physical presence, it’s how they disappear by degree.” – Richard Wigamese

When we miss someone, whether it is someone we haven’t seen in while or a dearly departed person, missing someone is an emotional experience. Thoughts run and the heart floats on memories. People we haven’t seen in a while and those who leave this world leave a lasting memory that is not easy to forget.

The way a person walks, the way they talk, the sounds of their laughter, and the smell of their hair, their smile, their demeanor, all of it leaves a lasting memory. When those we love leave this world to journey into the next are missed, memories of their love fill table talk conversations with laughter, memories, and sometime tears.

With nothing more than a memory, I share this post, in late spring which has arrived. Soon it will be summer and even this season will be but a memory. Make memories. Smile more. Talk. Laugh. In fact laugh hard and laugh a lot. Tell people you love them. Cook food(s). Break bread. And when needed, just sit and quietly listen because that is how some of the most memorable moments are made.

As the old saying goes, “Tomorrow is never promised.





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1 thought on “The thing about missing someone

  1. Do you know the phrase: “the presence of an absence”? It is a kind, good one I think.


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