Diyin be’ke’nah’sha

Ya’ah’tehey ah’binoh shi’dineh in light of what has recently happened i am reminded of the word K’é. among Diné people and families, K’é is central to an individual’s lifeway and epistemological view of the world. every day i begin my day with prayer. it is how i remember my family teachings and how i have been raising my children. it is also how i am choosing to follow the sacredness of ancestral teachings.while i have my own song, there is also another song that i listen to on my journey. it is a song that i listen to help me stay close to my creator and the Holy People who have also helped me along my journey. thoughts… living away from the Mother land, is it not easy to maintain matrilineal teachings.i am no longer afraid and live my life accordingly.i understand it is also what has helped me to become who i am today.i am everything my creator intended me to be.i am strong with my creator.every day is a different and new day. i send up my prayers, and talk with Talking God in the morning and in the evening, talk to Talking God in the west the best way i know. as i have come to learn, no one person is perfect and no one person can change the big laws of spirituality or the ways of our ancestral responsibilities. that’s what it truly means to be Indigenous in my thinking. i’ve noticed, in the late, so many people using “indigenous” in their social media personalities. i think its cool they all caught up and are on this trail, however, its something that also requires a responsibility. i’ve been on this tip for a several years now, much has happened. prayer is a big one. for what it’s worth, this world of social media has been a struggle for some of us. And for some it has its good, others as stated, not so much. i am reminded of a prophecy in which a spider web would cover Mother Earth. in this time, we, children of Mother Earth, will either hurt one another or help one another with it. try as i may, i am not perfect. much like Coyote i have learned things the hard way too. in jest i’ve posted things to help myself laugh through things. in frustration, i have posted my anger, dislike, and in those spaces, also deleted things i have said (or done) that may have hurt others. it is true, hurt people, hurt people. Aa’ah’, i think its important for us to remember teachings no matter what we are feeling or going through. i would be remiss if i did not recall and live out my grandmothers teachings and what her grandmothers taught her. i think back to a time when i did not want to learn and for that there are many things i don’t know. *i wish i listened and paid more attention. i am reminded consistently by my mom and Aunties and family to behave and act accordingly. because they are speakers of Diné language, there are some unspoken laws and ways of being that exist that have helped me along my journey while living away all these years. it took me really wanting to learn and understand that before i could absorb those teachings.*i needed to want to learn. i cherish and value family more than i used to. believe it or not there was a time when i did not care about myself, my family, or my culture. all of that changed once i became a mother. something magical happens when we become mothers.i am reminded of a song. a song that i use on my daily walk. it helps to keep me close to my grandmothers teachings and the cherished memories i hold of her within my heart. some days i wear the necklace she gave me. the necklace that she gave me as a young woman, a child, woman-child. i have a photo of us from that morning somewhere. i will post it someday. i am also reminded of a book. i can’t find my personal copy of the book but i know it’s here somewhere. its time to find it in my library somewhere.i need to go back and read some of her teachings. i read books and forget things too. can you believe this? i actually don’t remember every line in a book and have to revisit books? this is one that is calling to me right now. as an Indigenous teacher-educator, she is one of my teachers too. i found an email from her recently. one she sent me a few years back. reminded me, she is a good teacher-educator too. i realize i miss her. i hope to surprise her soon.until i find it, i want to include this link, By this song I walk. it helps me too. enclosing… Peace and all that good stuff sprinkled around generously into the sacred directions of life. but before i close out, i wish to share … while there are 4 sacred cardinal directions, remember the other sacred directions too. the ones above, below, and most sacred of all, the one within. Hozhó na’has’gliiHozhó na’has’gliiHozhó na’has’gliiHozhó na’has’glii#OneLove #Indigenous #Dine #Nimiipuu #HozhoReferences:McCarty, T. L. (2002). A Place to Be Navajo: Rough Rock and the Struggle for Self-       Determination in Indigenous Schooling. New York: Routledge

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