peaceful warriors in the art of war

i find myself thinking much about how the Indian Wars have not ended for #Indigenous people.

it’s interesting when i have been reminded to not use “war” so as not to cause or create any dissension and disrupt the so-called “peace.”

what saddens and disappoints me is that when i have been shamed and told to rethink how i speak my opinions about the Indian Wars, i find people who are accustomed to numbing themselves to the reality, also look the other way. They are also the very ones who would say we are not at war, and that i’m stirring things up. creating trouble where there is none.

i am not “just” stirring things up nor am i on another “rant.”

today, as water protectors face one of the biggest battles in this war with settler colonialism’s erasure of Indigenous people, and the protection of homelands and #treaty land rights, i remind myself, it is best to channel in and hone in the peaceful warrior mentality.

again, in revisiting some old readings, the interior of the person is as important as is the exterior. the interior is where strength and resolve come from when ever one deals with an opponent or adversary in any condition.

at the moment, my love and heart is with the water protectors in #StandingRock. they have finished their sweat. they greeted our morning grandfather sun singing beautiful and prayerful songs of strength and resolve knowing full well that today may bring uncertainty come 2:00 p.m. CST. that is noon PST. they are also filled with the spirit of ancestral blessings and protection. come what may… they are the peaceful warriors.

this mornings prayers and mediation were with the water protectors. i could not sleep and was restless. my thoughts and heart went out to each relative elder, woman, man, child, and human i met on my three visits to #StandingRock #OcetiSakowin camp. you are in my prayers of meditation and fasting.

i remembered the first day i arrived in camp. every person i crossed paths with, every person who i spoke with, every person i laughed with, ate a meal with, cried with, took a photo with, taught with, sang with, hiked with, cleaned with, cooked/served food with, talked story with, sweat with, prayed with, trained with, marched with, stood on Turtle Hill with, painted with, every person i hugged and waved “until next time” with, all the way up to that last day i left, i went on a memory recall. we are children of Mother Earth and we all lived under our great big Father Sky.

i recounted every step and day, from morning ’til night. i remembered everything the creator imprinted on my heart and mind to count back that when my time comes, my creator will ask of me every thing, every word, every breath i have ever taken, and #StandingRock will be embedded on my soul.

i enclose with a quote and seek the peace of internal resolve that our creator, (however we name creator in our Indigenous languages) shields and protects each and every water protector from the tyranny of Morton County and the state of North Dakota.

Enclosing… “Tending the garden, is a relaxing pastime but it does not prepare one for the inevitable battles of life. It is easy to be calm in a serene setting. To be calm and serene when under attack is much more difficult, so, therefore, I teach you that it is far better to be a warrior tending his garden rather than a gardener at war.” -Unknown

to each water protector, you are armed with prayers. steaming with freshly bathed and cleansed spirits, you emerged from our Mother sweat lodge filled with spirit and the strength of the ancestors. you have been prepared for this day and time. you are in the garden of the ancestors, know this with truth, resolve, and the inner peace of their existence. we are the direct descendants of greatness and they live on through us.

my deepest prayer and strength is grounded in love. i love you all and remain prayerful. i stand with you from my homelands in #Nimiipuu territory.

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