womanist is to feminist 

“womanist is to feminist, as purple is to lavender.” -Alice Walker 💜

ruminating thoughts and looking back on how i have upheld the patriarchy by my own faculty and volition. its weird, perhaps even strange, to see myself back then and what unconsciousness beheld me. uncomfortable and even blah to see.

while awareness has me critiquing the patriarchy, even in it’s historical context, whether it was someone i knew or know, by virtue of association and acquaintance, i realize this is a space that some renegotiate too.

critiquing how we uphold it as women, not in a negative either, but from a place of balance. imbalance from settlers come in easily and works to displace our sacred roles as #Indigenous women. 

however, as i critique this from an #Indigenous CIS woman perspective, the word “equality” stymies me at times when it comes to our roles. what i’ve been including into my work and rewriting for myself involves how we include transgender roles.

if one identifies as “she”, “she” is therefore embodying (what I like to say as channeling) in female earthy spiritedness. such a complex place to be in at times. over the years i have learned something’s (and yet it’s taken me quite some time to get to where I’m at) and there is still more work to undo.

working through an #Indigenous feminism piece and finding there are additional spaces i need to work at to unlearn. i don’t self identify as feminist and yet reclaim myself as a womanist. i also find all things of female deities to be the sacred space of life.  

Works Cited

Walker, A. (1983). In Search of Our Mothers’ Garden. San Diego: Open Road Media. 

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