a warrior in a garden

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

There is a story in Chinese martial arts lore about “The Peaceful Warrior,” where a young apprentice asked his teacher why, if he was striving to be inwardly calm and at peace, did he need to learn the ways of a warrior. “Would it not be more tranquil and serene to be a gardener and tend the plants?” he asked. “Tending the garden,” the master replied, “is a relaxing pastime, but it does not prepare one for the inevitable battles of life. It is easy to be calm in a serene setting. To be calm and serene when under attack is much more difficult, so, therefore, I teach you that it is far better to be a warrior tending his garden rather than a gardener at war.”

We don’t always have control over when we are confronted by violence, especially in a hyper-violent world such as ours; a world filled with people who have been conditioned since birth to be violent: violent to each other, violent to other animals, violent to the environment. Such violence is the greatest hindrance of our time, the ultimate obstacle. It’s the precondition above all conditions that must be reconditioned.

A warrior in a garden is a person who has reconditioned the conditioned violence within. It’s a metaphor for a person wielding courageous compassion, benevolent bravery, fearless empathy, and dauntless altruism, all in the face of a hyper-violent world. It’s a peaceful warrior who has mastered The Art of Fighting Without Fighting and thus mastered himself.

The enemies of Carlos Castaneda’s Man of Knowledge are similar to, and thus subsumable by, the warrior in the garden. The warrior in the garden is coiled like a Kundalini snake, but a snake who has transformed fear into clarity, clarity into power, and power into sacred humor. A force of nature first, a human second, the warrior in the garden forever hopes for peace but is always prepared for war.

Read more at: https://fractalenlightenment.com/36367/life/four-signs-you-may-be-a-warrior-in-a-garden | FractalEnlightenment.com

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