to Zapatista and Indigenous women of the world

you are my heart.

you are my mind.

you are my spirit.

you are the wind that carries the eagle.

you are the first rain after a drought.

you are shade on hot summer days.

you are that cool breeze that kisses my forehead n a summer evening.

you are a warm sun ray on a cold fall day.

you are snow that blankets Mother Earth.

you are nourishing.

you feed our first foods.

you are the cleansing waters that rage down the mountains come spring.

you, dear sisters, are who give me life on days when i don’t feel like getting out of bed.

when i see your eyes, i remember that you are me and i am you.

we struggle in similar vain due to the patriarchy in this world.

we have been taught and learned to see ourselves through the eyes of the very people that hate us.

the patriarchy.

whenever i see photos of you, no matter where you are in the world dear sisters, mothers, aunties, grandmothers, nieces, and daughters of the world… i see a reflection.

unlearning the cruel ways.

the ugly, vile, and riveting inhumanities that we have been taught and accepted.





our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, friends, lovers, and husbands must also unlearn.

to relearn the sacred ways of our ancestors who honored us first with our songs and ceremonies, that is now our burden.

the burden of responsibility.

our responsibility to heal.

our responsibility to lead.

our responsibility to love fiercely.

our responsibility to protect.

to protect


Mother Earth.

our daughters.

our mothers.

our families.

our communities.

our nations.

releasing the unhealed pains of the last 500 hundred years of genocide.

reclaiming our humanity one day, heart, and spirit at a time.

our daughters, those just born, those yet to come, and those who are just waiting breathe need us.

mujeres, adzhaan, ha’ayat, wahine, we, Indigenous women of the world, are renewing our sacred covenant with our first mother, our children, our families, our communities, and our ancestors for our future, the Indigenous future which is now.

Imeeqis qeci’yew’yew ha’ayat.

Ahe’eeh adzhaan.



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