to be like water, a metaphor of my Rezilience

on a quest and making meaning of the late Bruce Lee’s wisdom of being like water.

in a world where conformity is encouraged and celebrated, especially when one imitates and mimics the same behavor of a group, we ought to seek adapatability which encourages and supports ones ability to change or be changed. conformity is stifling and also limiting.

with the onslaught of the settler colonial project, over the last 500 years, colonization has worked deliberately to annihilate and erase any semblance of Indigenous cultural knowledge systems and ways of knowing. therefore, finding meaning in ‘being like water’ allows me to work towards a more fluid and compassionate approach to life when dealing with individuals who exhibit offensive behaviors. being like water teaches me to let them be and to detach myself from that.

it is a lot easier said than done.

being able to maneuver through toxic behaviors, lateral violence, internalized racism, systemic oppression, and erasure, not to mention the invisibility in mainstream society, it is a challenge.

being like water is a fine delicate balance that results in a type of strength that can be misconstrued as weak. however, it is actually a powerful state of being and exemplifies a kind of strength that is found in stillness and reserve.

continually working through unresolved historical grief, trauma, deeply seated childhood issues related to parenting, and children being put into foster care, adoption, the list can go on. what helps heal those unhealed pains is love. love is what helped me to become resilient and how i view the world today as an Indigenous, Dine/Nimiipuu woman.

this song came through to me and it helped me to also see, in an ever evolving world, music is a healer too. for this blog post i wanted to share Billy Joel’s 52nd Street album.

the lyrics for each of the songs have a different feel. thinking back reflectively i recall my childhood and had a pretty good childhood. and thankful for my aunties and dad who helped raise me.

it took a long time for me to get to this place and today i feel ever thankful. the peace and healing has been liberating.

ascension did not jus happen nor was it something i necessarily wanted.

like i didn’t run away or toward it. in true form, i prolonged it and avoided it with life. made myself busy and kept my nose to the grind. that’s not really healthy because triggers can occur. i had to ask myself if i wanted unhealed pain to lead me?

took long enough.

at the moment, im preparing the garden once again. this is the second year. since i graduated, i took it upon myself to take ownership to my healing and to end the cycle. once i learned i wasn’t my mother or father, and was on my own journey, the shift began.

in short, i learned it was time to take ownership and care for my own behaviors and help to raise children who were healthier and happier.

music has helped in many ways, but so has gardening. basically reconnecting and reclaiming my role and responsibility to the land.

it has allowed me to get back out to running.

mountain hikes and drives.

bow hunting.

water rafting.


something very powerful happens when you reconnect to the land.

in essence, being like Water allowed me to shape myself to my environment as well and the land and water have helped mold my view on healing.

we are the first and original people.

children of Mother Earth.

time to reconnect and get back got the basics of land and water.

Be like water my friend.

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1 thought on “to be like water, a metaphor of my Rezilience

  1. Being like water is definitely a skill and a necessity! Water brings increase to a dying earth and if we are able to be like water, we not only have the ability to grow people and possibilities around us but also be as strong as ice and as mystical as steam!! I AM WATER!! (I am inspired)


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