big why’s

as #Indigenous ppl on our life journey, we sometimes need to do pulse checks and ask ourselves a good “why?” when we find that we are struggling. maybe we picked up and left the city and are back home on the Rez. or maybe we’re still contemplating taking that first step and leap of faith. whatever it may be… it’s always a good practice to revisit our big why no matter what we do. here are a couple of questions i’ve asked myself a time or two, especially when i was off kilter and needed to realign.

1.) what am i leaving behind for my future unborn children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and on down the line? and why?

2.) how can i be a good relative? or, am i being a good relative/ancestor? why or why not?

3.) how do i honor, or, am i honoring my ancestors and their legacy with the work, life choices, and decisions i make? why or why not?

seem heavy?

too deep?


if it is, i get it if you keep scrolling. critical consciousness and third eye awakening isn’t for everybody, but ought to be. IJS when we arrive at that critical place, those will be some of the questions that will come to mind amongst others such as why is water no longer free in some places? and when did being respectful go south? i mean, even enemies respected one another. today, i got people who i don’t even know coming at me sideways and i think, (in true OG form), and who are you?

what if one doesn’t have those questions yet? is it bad if we don’t have them? absolutely not and you shouldn’t feel bad. hell no. critical conscious and third eye awakening is a journey all of its own.

it takes time.

it is a process.

much like decolonization… it is also historical.

it doesn’t “just” happen.

even i never thought the way that i do today. shoot, before my awakening i used to not give a rip to think futuristically or about nobody let alone myself. i am also still learning. in a nutshell, decolonization does NOT mean no social media or cell phones or no access to the world. that’s a reductive misunderstanding of a larger historical process. i mean, i did whatever i wanted to do with no regard for self, family, or community. hindsight looking back, even then, yes even then, my ancestors were always with me looking out and i learned it is a generational occurrence that takes time.

intergenerational trauma anyone?

boarding schools?

federal policies?

i share this because when the day happens, and the awakening begins, you’ll never be able to see things in life the same way. that critical conscious and third eye awakening of self awareness, when it happens, it is another level of awareness. it will shake you. sometimes its painful. it’s even frustrating. it hurts and is not perfect.

in fact you will still continue to grow and evolve until your dying day.

please keep in mind, that it’s also a beautiful thing. sure it’s painful, but it’s beautiful. whatever you do, allow it to exist and just be. remember, from chrysalis into a butterfly.

after all, the ancestors didn’t leave us. they are always with us.

remember the ancestors as they remembered and thought of us when they negotiated the treaty.  for me, i am of two nations, so i think back on the #1868 and #1855. they are treaties i remember to live by because today, it is what we use to remind the US of KKK of its trust responsibility to us as nations.

for many people, treaties are what are used to support how we live in accord and relationship to the land. it’s what is also used to protect and advocate for our first foods, water, and homelands to the paper pusher agendas. sadly there are those people who don’t care to uphold the treaties. what’s important to teach our young is to understand treaty is a legal binding govt to govt relationship AND trust responsibility. as Indigenous nations, we hold the government accountable to protect what our ancestors saw for us into the future.

may we do the same for our future unborn and know the words #Indigenous #Futurisms.

reality is, capitalism is here for an uncertain time, and those who have yet to be born may or may not know capitalism the way we do today in #2018. i once read a post about the fall of the US dollar and how it is losing its value. we can not continue to wage wars on other countries and not let it come back to us without repercussions.

may we all remember and know that war is paid with human lives. and the people who control the economy have waged wars against the proletariat people for well over 500 years here on Turtle Island. we also have immigrants and refugees from war laden countries who are fighting a US fascist regime and power struggle for the control of oil or in the case of #Palestine, just want to remain in their homelands. millions of people displaced from their own homelands because of US imperial capitalists.

let us leave a legacy for our descendants so that they may continue with the work we have been called to do as well. Gil Scott Heron once said, “This revolution will not be televised. considering FB wasn’t all over the world at that time, today…. it is and my revolution, one born of love for my people, will see the light of day.

enjoy your day wherever you may be today FB… family isn’t always necessarily blood, but the people who you choose. may your circle be blessed with all that good stuff. #VivaLaRevolucion #EachOneTeachOne #IndigenousFuturism #Love #Ancestors #Read #History #Treaties

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