greatest gift of all

For Asaamo.

whenever i listen to Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All i get all somehow thinking about how much being your mother has humbled me.

when i became a mother i thought i was ready. ha. today, hindsight looking back, i had no idea what i was doing. i learned what little i knew about parenting and asked a lot of my mom, aunties, grandma’s, sisters, and female in-laws as i journeyed along. in large Native families it’s easy to find women folk coming together for young mothers.

for me, becoming a mother to Asamo was scary. not only did she give me hope, she gave me life. when she came along i never thought of myself as a mother. she was a surprise and i truly felt like i wasn’t worthy of someone so perfect.

she was pure and precious and i could not keep my eyes off of her. she was such a beautiful tiny human and i wanted to protect her from the world. much like Drake, today, i still want to protect her. funny thing is, she’s the one doing more of this and it humbles me.

as a mother there is no greater feeling than to see your child glow. not only with happiness, but with the kind of peace and inner resolve that speaks nonchalant.

today, because of her keeping it real, i thank her father. i understand why it’s important to have a respectful relationship with your child(rens) biological other. regardless of the bs that can exist because you’re no longer together.

as i reflect back on it, over the years, i learned to listen to my daughter. i learned to ask if she was okay or if she needed anything. believe it or not, it took time to put that practice into action. prior to that, i wouldn’t stop. post divorce i was on the catch up and on an ambitious journey. she taught me to chill and to let things go. FYI… that practice is easier said than done.

for this year, i wanted to wish my sweetums a beautiful dance and year around the sun. i am sharing a few of my favorite photos of her. i can hardly believe she’s grown up so fast.

what they say is true, hold on to them as long as you can. they grow fast and you don’t want to miss out on anything.

closing out today and remembering children, they are our greatest gifts.

Lapwai, ID.
senior portrait by David Bernie
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  1. Keep on writing.


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