parenting while Indigenous

i was triggered when i saw the elder being confronted. however, after watching the uncut version and seeing the 4 black “youth” instigate the situation, i know now elder Nathan Phillips is still the hero and better human.

thinking about those boys and how disrespectful they were to an elder was something else. however, what of those 4 delusional black men spewing hate that was Anti-Native then call the elder “gad” was too much?

after watching that video, i had no words. i was on and off FB and reading posts here and there. as i got thinking about it more, it made me rethink my parenting. i think mine are smart enough to know and do better. still, it made me think.

you see, what i have come to learn as a parent is that children don’t listen to what we say, they listen to what we do. read that again because it never ends.

if we want our kids to be better at life than us, then we also gotta do better. showing them how to be was a big message for me. as i thought about mine and realized teaching kids all they need before they fly the coup is so impt. because after they fly the coup, you can only hope and pray your child(ren) are respectful, honest, and live life w integrity.

after reading what the parents of the boy from Covington Catholic school had to say, man if my kids behaved in that manner id feel like a failure. on that same note, if my kids ever displayed such disrespect to anyone, pray for them cuz im also going to be looking for them.

may this be a lesson to us all in that our children are a direct reflection of who we are. in what they say, how they behave, hence my reference to “learned behavior” this is partly what’s wrong with our society today.

over all, im thankful for all the marchers who organized these last couple days. im just getting back into writing and feeling like i can squeeze in a couple more lines.

at the same time, im also deleting or back spacing a lot. i delete whole pages and rewrite new pages because that’s just how much i have going on in my head. easy to get stuck there too.

as i crank out the kinks and polish off the shelves in my mind, i realize i stored a lot. it’s good to release and i’ll keep polishing what is needed.

the marches and posts were enough to remind me that we still have a lot more work to do. a collective effort in dismantling settler colonial patriarchy has never been a glamorous or fun job.

the trigger got me when i saw the elder veteran being taunted. being peaceful was the last thing that came to my mind. his resolve was amazing and a beautiful reminder parenting while Indigenous is an honor and role i take seriously. my work is never done and there is always something to be learned.

sending out full moon wishes on this beautiful Leo moon. warm regards and yox kalo~

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