immovable as a mountain

swift as the wind.

quiet as a forest.

fierce as fire.

glistening like water.

immovable as a mountain.
*i found this in my archives dated September 2013

**in archives. i made a vow to myself that id post something ive written everyday for 21 days. i have drafts that id like to share. as i read through them its a memory jog. reminding me of ppl, places, and things i experienced. in turn, i am learning, life is a beautiful growth of how we move on. i feel like letting these drafts go is a good exercise to also acknowledge how i too have grown and changed. i love change and need something new to happen so i can look back onto today. just thinking about how this exact and very moment will someday be a part of my past. #writing #writersblock #writerslife #writingcommunity #writinglife #thedailywriting

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