Native aunties 💕

this blog thoughts outloud is dedicated to all the Aunties in the world. thinking about how cool aunties are and the significant roles they play in Native families. 

the following illustrations were created by Comanche/Kiowa/Blackfoot artist Wakeah Jhane. i love how she captures the tender, loving, and protective role of aunty.

Aunties Love

having aunties, being an aunty, and just all around Aunty dopeness. its like WuTang kinda dope. y’know, it aint nothing to mess with. 

Our Growing Bond

ask any Native person about who their favorite aunty is and watch their memories flow. Auntie’s are all around dope ppl. they can be stern, but funny. teacher and elder. friend and yet wont hesitate to say whats needed and wont apologize. 

When I grow up

why? cuz they mother us differently. 

aunties are teachers in some cultures where the parent has a unique role too.

Aunties are special people. they know just what to say and know how to reach their nieces and nephews. nothing like having your Aunty encourage and support you. 


you don’t have to share if you don’t want to, but, can you think of your favorite Aunty? who and why are they your favorite? on a sweet memory bliss thinking of my Aunties. 

Love you Aunty!

“Her name is a feeling felt within for those who are brave to listen.” Wakeah Jhane
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