honoring Toni Morrison and the healing journey

my Matrix feels like im a day behind everything in life, however, in my 5D “everything” is 🦋.

learning peace, making peace, and being peace.

while reading incredible posts honoring Toni Morrison, i am touched by the outpour of love she received. maybe its cuz Tender Love by Force MD’s is playing softly in the background?

thinking of how mortality can affect people deeply especially those who have wasted time.

for these are souls who know from lived experience we can never get yesterday back.

big life lesson, make today happen. magically, lovingly, and peacefully because we live in a hyper violent world. we have to uphold, uplift, and be there for each other.

keep close those who are precious and show them your words, what they mean, and how they’re going to manifest into a practice. tomorrow is never promised and today is only here for a moment.

Toni Morrison’s spirit reminds me to honor my words so that i can know how to honor myself. reminding me to honor the vows i made to myself when i made the conscious choice to heal and end the intergenerational cycles.

i discovered for myself that healing is painful. when i resisted and/or refused to accept or embrace my reality and connections to a childhood past, i felt like i denied myself freedom. honestly, those painful memories are nothing but a distant place in my world. i am aware they made me into the womxn that i am.

using all senses, i personally discovered and experienced for myself what healing actually looks, feels, tastes, sounds, smells, and intuitively means.

healing requires tender love and the courage to face what we have buried, denied, and ignored.

having commitment issues linked to childhood abandonment by my mother made me determined to be the kind of mom who doted, protected, and hold on tightly. almost into suffocation. it also kept me from being involved with anyone seriously and i denied myself so they would experience focused and attentive unconditional love.

learning that about myself was a part of the journey into my self-discovery which did not truly begin until my sister warned me not to stifle my babies, but to let them go. she talked to me about letting them fly from the coup and to not hold them back.

my sister’s insight reminded me of how i raised them. and looking back, i can see how i influenced their world views as socially conscious people who are grounded in family as a value system, ceremony, culture, awareness, compassion, humanity, and forgiveness.

i particularly love hearing them ask for our medicines or ask how to say certain words in our languages. they show me that i, rather we, broke a cycle. we created some amazing and beautiful memories.

i am filled with hope knowing full and well, we broke a cycle.

much love, gratitude, and appreciation sent into the universe today as we all journey through a thinly veiled time with the ancestors.

closing with a beautiful ode and memory to a queen who showed me well.

‘Cant nothing heal without pain.’ In Morrison’s Beloved

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