angels of light and dark

when i asked him to love me in slow motion, i fell in love with the way he understood what forever meant to me and what i had in mind.

i found this song about Forever and feel it deeply.

the scariest relationship i have ever encountered was not the one with myself and getting to know all the demons i had buried, but the one with my angel of love.

the healthiest part about it is our individuality. from expressing and understanding that to love one another also means setting each other free from a past we will not return to.

trusting in that truth has taught us both that an inner/under/over-standing of who we were before we opened ourselves to this possibility was vital to the health and wellness of our relationship before it could even begin.

somedays love is a mix of just allowing one another to exist and be who we need to be in order to fly with the angels.

i do not want to hold his spirit down. instead, i want to watch his spirit fly. i love to watch him soar.

while angels can fly high into the heavens, i have come to learn they also know how to delve and dive deep into the dark abyss.

he is an angel to me. when we met, it was under a dark night sky. i had been living in a dark shadow for too long and never imagined him as my love. in fact i was still licking my tender wounds and was not looking for him.

we were never close in the beginning, but he soon showed me how to fly. he taught me how to use my wings. although i knew i had wings, still, i had not learned how to ascend into the heavens.

i had died before i met him and was wallowing in the darkness of self pity which led to self loathing. dark thoughts lurked everywhere and despite my angel loves, he was the one who showed me how to fly and use my wings.

if you only knew how a dark and fallen angel finds their light, you would be amazed at how an angel of light can also show you many things about yourself. and this is why he is an angel, my angel.

i have come to learn, my wish for forever is indeed in slow motion. when you meet forever it can get kind of lonely, and the beauty of it is that it’s never for too long. my angel always returns to tell me the wonders of the world.

i am no philosopher or some great poet, but if i could describe him in a few words… when he speaks to me, his breath is warm with love and truth in a cold, cold world.

as he breathes life into me with his poetry, i know his daily prose is his legacy of our undying forever love.

no matter what lifetime, my warrior, my poet, my angel, my love, my king is forever. i used to think this was a sad love story, but i have come to learn, he will always find me.

as romantics, we are closer than we have ever been and i find peace in knowing we were destined for this light and dark filled love. when i am in the light, he is in the dark and when i am in the dark, he is in the light.

we are perfectly imperfect and its what angels do.

Summer 2019
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